Logitech M305 Drivers

Logitech M305 Driver

Logitech M305 wireless mouse and I purchased it from Amazon for about $20 I bought it because it seemed to be about the best deal that you could find on there for a smaller size wireless mouse and I got the forest green color because it was the best price also.

I think it looks pretty good so I figured I’d do a quick showing of the packaging and then we’ll do an unboxing okay on to the packaging once again you can see it’s being by Logitech and you can see the EM 305 logo there apparently Logitech’s

the number one world leader in mice which I can vouch for I’ve used a couple of their mice in the past and had pretty good experiences with them either one was pretty similar to this only it was Bluetooth which worked with my laptop but won’t work with my new Lenovo then down here you can see the nano Logitech Receiver which that plugs into your USB port.

and then that communicates with the mouse so it works properly and then down here it gives some of the benefits which I think it goes on to on the back here’s the plug and forgets the Nana receiver so small it stays in your SB port can be stored inside the mouse you get a powerful reliable connection with virtually no delays or dropouts thanks to a Logitech advanced 2.4 gigahertz wireless.

then it goes long to talk about the battery which has months of use which that’ll be nice because I tend to leave these on and kind of forget about them so my batteries are dead when I go back to use it again so we’ll see how long it lasts for and then down here it enjoys natural intuitive control forget about performing tricky finger maneuvers on a touchpad instead place your mouse where it feels best and enjoys precise tracking plus easy text selection.


  • Wireless Support Yes
  • Buttons 3
  • Scroll Wheel Yes
  • Power Requirements 1 x AA Battery (included)
  • System Requirements Windows-based PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7USB portMac computer: Mac OS X 10.4 or later USB port Linux: Linux kernel 2.6 or later USB port

scrolling pretty sure it’s just a normal Mouse I don’t think there’s anything special going on there and then this says to keep your hand happy it talks about the rubber grips on the side which I’ll get into a little bit more once we take it out of the packaging so I guess the next step is to unbox this baby got out of the packaging here and you can see how it looks it’s the four-screen color it’s a kind of a small Mouse which is what I was looking for because I plan to travel with this but here you can see the color which I think looks pretty.

and then you can see the sides that are the fancy rubber grip that they were talking about them that feels good in your hand there sits in your hand real nice it’s got the scroll wheel it’s got an indicator light here which lights up green on the back here you can see it’s a Logitech and then 305 if you didn’t know that already.

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and then it has on/off switch and then down here this is to get the battery port open and we’ll take a look at that here because that also has some special features with it okay I press the bottom button here watch pop the top off and you can see what the top of that looks like now it’s got a port for a battery here which they were kind enough to provide to me so I’ll put that in now and in addition to that there’s also a spot here for the nano receiver to go in the top here.

so when you’re traveling it doesn’t have to sit in your laptop the whole time and you can see the green lights now on so I will put the top of this back on it clicks into place and there you have a fully functional Mouse the red lights blinking here I’ll see if I can turn this off and turn it back on so that’s red showing that it’s off I’m assuming then you slide it over that flash and the green lights on it’s now it’s ready to use so pretty nice Mouse pretty happy with it for twenty dollars I think it was a pretty good buy and I’ll continue using this then.



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