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So, let’s take a quick tour around the keyboard here, as I mentioned before it has this slate gray color, as my cat wants to socialize right now, it has the slate gray color, except for the accent points where you have the left. Mouse click button right up here and you have an accent, the yellow line above the right and left mouse buttons on the trackpad, There.

You have your Logitech branding in the upper right-hand corner you have, of course, your media keys, your mute to your lower volume, and your increased volume and the key presses. Let me just press those and be quiet, so you can hear them, as you can hear. There’S a good click to it, not obnoxious, but it’s a good click to it. So you know that you’re registering the touchpad itself does not click. It’s not a clickable touchpad.

Logitech K400 Plus Driver

Logitech K400 Plus Software Download for Windows and Mac above.

However, you can tap it to select, but what I find most useful on this lapboard or this keyboard, as my cat really wants to play right now – is the fact that you can okay, I had to get my cat a little attention there. So I’m sure you’ll excuse that so anyway, what I really like about this lapboard or keyboard is that when you hold it like this, of course, you have this little lip here, which makes it easier to hold on both sides. You kind of can rest your index finger on both sides on there, but you can use your thumb to navigate your pointer on your screen and then use your other thumb over here.

To do the mouse clicks and I’ve never really found another keyboard. That does that, and it really makes navigating from the couch very simple, very easy. What it actually really makes easy is dragging and dropping, because instead of you know pressing your mouse button here and then scrolling that way, you can just scroll regularly. While you have this button depressed here and move things around, so it really makes things very accessible. It’s a really good design on this keyboard. Here’S a side view again.

You do get to see the lip here at the end that accomplishes a couple of things number one as I mentioned before. It makes a good handle or at least a good way to rest the keyboard on your index finger. It also houses some of the electronics and the batteries back here, the double-a batteries, and also, if you do put it down, it gives the keyboard a little bit of a slant if you’re gonna be typing on it on a flat surface. Of course, the opposite side looks identical, there’s really nothing on the bottom here,

as you can see, and on the top. The only thing you really can see, of course, in addition to the battery compartment, is this on/off switch and the predecessor actually had an on/off switch like this, except it did have a little Ridge on there. So it’ll be easy to turn on and off, but this one doesn’t seem like it’s difficult because of all you have to do.

If you just get your fingernail in there turn it off. You have a red little, not indicator, it’s not light or anything. It’S just a color behind the button there that tells you that it’s off then, of course, you can switch it over and you have a little bit of a green color there. That tells you that it’s on just for reference, the k400, has the on/off switch here. Although it has everything labeled as you can see on and off, and then it has that little Ridge on there, which catches your finger now on the bottom of the keyboard, you have 6 exposed screws in case you would ever need to access the inside keyboard.

You have four rubberized feet and you do have a sort of a plastic Ridge there that I assume will help with the rigidity. If you do put this down and you do type on it, it’ll make sure that the keyboard doesn’t flex. You also have the Logitech, k400 plus branding in the center of the backside. Here I really like the feel of this keyboard. It’s a great size. It’s a perfect weight. I have typed on keyboards that felt more premium.

However, this by no means feels cheap at all. This very well might be the perfect media keyboard for a home theater, PC application. So I have the Logitech k400 plugged in, and this is what’s called Logitech options which is on the computer here, and it basically just shows up, because it knows that this device is plugged into the computer. When you plug the USB dongle in there and as you can see, there’s a representation of the keyboard there and it gives you kind of an overview of what you can expect out of the keyboard.

how to use it. You have a couple of options up top or a couple of tabs up top actually and this one is the keyboard tab up here, and it shows you that you have 1 through 12 functions, buttons, and the things that it does. So if I hit function, one it’s back. If I hit function, it’s a home button function, 3 is switching applications. Function, 4 is a right-click function, 5 is search, function, 6, shows and hide on. The desktop function. 7 is maximized. A window function. 8 is switching screens and functions. 9 is the media player.

Then you have a couple of functions, buttons that are not highlighted here, which is starting with function. 10. That’S a rerun, rewind button function. 11 is the play. Pause, control, and function. 12 is the fast-forward button. I think they didn’t highlight that because it’s very self-explanatory there are universal icons that cover that then function. 12, here is sleep, so you can put. You can use that button to put the computer to sleep. So you can. It looks like you can, let’s see it, says, use f1 through f12 as standard function keys.

So if you click on this checkbox here it will just use them for whatever you have them set up for on your computer, but being that this is a home theater. Pc that I have hooked up to this keyboard here, a lot of these function – buttons as they are assigned through here, seem very reasonable to me, and I don’t generally use function buttons anyway, but it’s not to have some of these things up there. Now. Another thing of note that you’ll notice on here is that you can actually add devices to that universal USB dongle receiver, as I mentioned earlier in this video, you can have several devices hooked up just to that one dongle and if you wanted to add a device, You would just go into here.

I don’t have a situation right now, where I’m gonna be doing that, but sometime soon, I’m actually going to be upgrading my home theater PC to my gaming rig, and I really don’t want to go into that too. In-Depth in this video just stay tuned to my channel, if you’re interested in that, but what I might end up doing is using this keyboard along with a separate Mouse just in case. I want to do some gaming, so I would need a second Mouse, as opposed to this touchpad here, but for the majority of the use that I would use from the couch, this touchpad is gonna work, just fine.

So anyway, let’s go up to the point and scroll function or not function, the point and scroll tab up here and let’s see scroll direction traditional. You can actually reverse that if you like, I know some of the trends lately are to reverse the scrolling on touchpads. I prefer the traditional way to do it. If you reverse it, then it mimics that of a tablet or a cell phone. Then you have smooth scrolling, which I have enabled here and that was by default, then vertical scrolling swipes up and down with two fingers. I do that always if you have a window that has a scroll bar on the side, you don’t have to worry about clicking the arrows or anything like that. Just like you would do on a laptop.

You take two fingers and scroll up and down. So I definitely have that enabled horizontal scrolling is the same thing. You just use the two fingers and you scroll from side to side. Then you have the pointer speed here. I set this to its fastest because I find it works best for me. When I want to navigate around the screen, then we have a video, that’s not installed here. I could download a video. I might do that in a second, but let’s go on to the next tab up here, which is gestures of course down here. If you did want to restore everything to defaults, if you change anything, you could do that easily by just clicking on that. Before I go up to gestures, let’s take a look at this more button down here.

Real quick, more settings shows you the firmware that you have on the keyboard notifications. So I have notifications set for the device when the device battery becomes low and when a lock key is pressed, then you can actually disable some keys here. You can disable the caps lock, the scroll lock, the insert, and the Windows Start key. I don’t really want to do any of that, so it seems like everything is set up the way. I’d like it to be. Of course, you have software settings here, and it just tells you the software version that you have. I have it automatically check for updates and you can go down to support down here. So let’s finally go to the gestures tab up here and see what that’s all about: okay, tap to click tap with one or two fingers.

That’S selected, that’s initiated! I like that. That’S the way I generally use a trackpad. You can switch between applications it’s disabled currently, but you could actually use it swiping from one edge with one finger. I found that a lot of the gestures that are in Windows they’re, interesting to use, but I don’t use them regularly, so I generally have them disabled. I tried it out on a Logitech TK 820, but I ended up initiating things inadvertently. So, generally, I have a lot of these things. Disabled, you can show the charms here and that would be from swiping from the right edge with one finger.

Of course, charms are only in Windows. 8. If you’re on Windows 10, you don’t have an option to use those. This computer here is still running Windows 8.1 and the reason behind that is because it’s the last version of Windows that has the option of running Windows Media Center and that’s what I have running on this computer here. Then you have the application menu here. If you want to initiate the gesture for that, it’s swiping from the top with one finger again. I have that disabled because again a lot of times. I just inadvertently, do these presses and it becomes a kind of aggravating zooming.

You can zoom by pinching with two fingers. So that is initiated and that’s pretty cool. So, let’s see, let’s see what this video is here I might as well see if we can watch it well, apparently, you can’t watch the video wants to see if it’s the same over here. Okay, no video to watch but pretty much. Everything is extremely self-explanatory on this. So that’s not a big deal so so far so good. I, like the predecessor of this keyboard, and I really like the K 400-plus so far because it fixed my only gripe, which was that shift key.