Logitech H800 Drivers

Logitech H800 Drivers

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Logitech H800 Drivers, Software, Manual, Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Setup  – The Logitech H800 headset is a foldable, over-the-ear design with a noise-canceling microphone and ear-mounted controls to quit or begin and also for volume. The ear cups as well as leading pillows are made from sturdy synthetics as well as are thickly padded for your comfort. The earphones are 3 inches wide and also consider 9.6 ounces so you will not seem like you’re wearing a whole audio speaker on your head. The noise is additionally remarkable. Logitech utilized laser-tuned motorists and also a built-in equalizer for an abundant, digital stereo effect. And all of this is linked to making use of Bluetooth technology, so there are absolutely no cables to get tangled up in or to catch on trees as well as shrubs.

The Logitech H800 Wireless Headset is an over-the-ear headset with an attached noise-canceling microphone. Controls are installed on the ear of the headset, allowing start, quit as well as a volume control to be readjusted right within your reaches. As a wireless headset, it utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to any type of mobile device, smart device, computer, as well as a gaming console. The H800 features sturdy, thick cushioning on the ear mugs as well as the leading pillow. As well as, for the longer runs in your training regimen, the rechargeable battery lasts as much as 6 hours.

Logitech is a global brand name service provider of computers, tablets, and electronic devices. It only makes sense that they would certainly utilize a few of that technology in their wireless headsets. If you’re on a telephone call, Skype, video clip message, or online game, the noise-canceling headset decreases any potential history sound that would certainly interfere with that task. Only your voice and that of any others you’re consulting with would certainly be heard via the headset. Much more importantly, the headphones themselves are made with laser-tuned motorists and a built-in equalizer for rich, digital stereo audio. Paying attention to songs with the Logitech H800 is like fully submersing yourself in the tune, having a show in your own ears.

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The Logitech H800 is a consistent and trustworthy headset. Their building is strong and feels like a solitary item. Their collapsible design doesn’t remove from their toughness in any way. The only item that might wear before the real headset would be the padding on the ear mugs or the top pillow. Likewise, flexing the microphone boom unnecessarily can trigger it to become loose in time.

In terms of design, the Logitech H800 is a headset with basic looks- it’s got the typically adjustable headband, foam pads without felt or fabric covers, an extending microphone arm and it’s obtained controls on one side. In regards to develop quality, it’s not too impressive. The headset is not surprisingly made to be light, yet a sudden shock or twist could damage the headband quickly. There’s an arrangement to fold up the earphones, so it’s a little very easy to carry about.



The H800 is somewhat loose but fits most heads penalty. Doing intensive workouts with the headset on isn’t suggested, but a quick walk must be fine. Audio quality isn’t as well outstanding as well as the vehicle drivers distort audio, also at low volumes and also it only gets worse as the volume rises. There’s hardly any bass and the mids, as well as highs, are ordinary, at ideal. The tone is fairly natural, but these actually aren’t very good for gaming, songs, or movies.

Logitech H800 Drivers Windows 10 and Mac

Logitech H800 Software is:

  1. Headset Pairing Utility
  2. Wireless Headset H800 Media Track Control Software (64-bit)
  3. Wireless Headset H800 Media Track Control Software (32-bit)

you can download the above I have prepared for you.

Logitech H800 Setup

Getting Started Guide (PDF)