Logitech G920 Drivers

Logitech G920 Drivers

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Logitech G920 Drivers, Software, Manual Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, 64-bit, 32-bit, Mac, and Setup.

The Logitech G920 is practically the same as the G29 over, except it’s for usage with the Xbox One while the G29 is for usage with the PlayStation 4.

Like its PS4 equivalent, the G920 is more budget-friendly than Thrustmaster wheels however still flaunts terrific quality. However, it additionally comes with the very same downfall of being a little bit noisier than the majority of wheels on the marketplace.

The Logitech G920 comes with premium building and construction, and also you will discover the spokes constructed from plated aluminum. You will find the product has a high level of security and also resilience. The wheel cover features a leather building. The guiding shaft and paddles are constructed from stainless steel. You would locate that the Logitech G920 features top-notch high quality, which would certainly make it one of the best alternatives from a durability point of view.

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The Thrustmaster TMX is not up the mark when you compare it to the Logitech G920 in terms of building quality. The main product made use of in the building of the video gaming wheel is plastic. The outside of the driving wheel features a plastic product. That would look quite substandard to the natural leather outside discovered on G920.

The Logitech G29 does provide you accessibility to an improved experience the same as that on the Logitech G920. The building is nearly comparable to the G920 with spokes made of plated steel along with the leather construction on the wheel. The stainless-steel building and construction on the steering shaft and also paddles are yet another big plus point.


Logitech G920 Specs

The two have a hand-stitched natural leather cover for their steering wheel with spokes constructed of anodized lightweight aluminum. On top of that, the shifter paddles and also pedal faces have actually brushed stainless steel. The takeaway is they’re built with exceptional products.

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Nevertheless, there are some differences on this front. The G29 establishes itself apart with blue and red accents and a PlayStation logo design in the middle of its wheel. On the other hand, the G920 has a Logitech logo design. It’s likewise less showy, as well as because of that, it’s probably a little bit more attractive.

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Still, you can not truly state a winner below because this comes down to preference. In other words, you could favor the relatively a lot more colorful G29 to a lot more structured G920.

Logitech G920 Vs G29

Logitech G920 Vs G29

This match is a story of compatibility versus top quality. If the Logitech G29 worked with the Xbox One, it would certainly be the much better option certainly. Nevertheless, it’s just compatible with the PlayStation 4 and COMPUTER, leaving Xbox gamers with the G920 as their only choice from Logitech. Nonetheless, that isn’t to say the Logitech G920 is a bad wheel– as a matter of fact when it involves common performance, both wheels are identically superb.

They equal in a lot of means too. They’re both constructed out of the same products as well as have a hand-stitched leather guiding wheel with excellent 900-degree rotation. They’re both around the same dimension as well as are both long-lasting and also comfortable to utilize. It’s likewise possible on both to add accessories like foot pedals if you wish to beautify your arrangement.

Logitech G920 Vs G29 Specs

Logitech G920 Software

Logitech G920 Driver is Logitech Gaming Software and Logitech G HUB

you can download above.

Getting Started – Setup User Guide

gets started with your G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel right here.

G920 Setup Guide (PDF)


Users Guide (PDF)