Logitech G910 Software

Logitech G910 Software

The RGB mechanical keyboard craze shows no signs of slowing down all the big gaming companies have their own versions with their own specific features with each new model the keyboards get better.

after all, when companies compete the consumer always wins the Logitech Orion SPARC seems to have a lot of great things going for it that is until we saw those abysmal keycaps the weirdly shaped keycaps turned a lot of people off of what would have really been a solid keyboard lucky for us Logitech listened to what consumers had to say.

and made some changes so let’s take a look at Logitech’s new flagship keyboard the g910 Oh Ryan spectrum the Logitech G910 spectrum is an RGB mechanical keyboard that has full 16.8 million colors per-key LED illumination with 113 key.

anti-ghosting the keyboard features nine customizable G keys which can save up to 27 commands stored over three modes these modes can be rapidly toggled by the M keys above the Escape key when I pulled this keyboard out of the box I could feel that it had some weight to it but unfortunately, it also had a very plastic II feel it’s the heavy body doesn’t feel particularly solid-like.

the Corsair strafe or the BlackWidow chroma which also have plastic bodies the G 9/10 is also a fairly large keyboard and will take up quite a bit of desk real estate looking at the keycaps you will notice that while Logitech did ditch the weird angular keycaps from the Orion SPARC they did keep.

the design of the etching in the G keys and the WASD as well as in the arrow keys these keycaps are not angled however they just allow the LEDs to illuminate that pattern on the keycap the keycaps themselves feel a bit soft but the font looks nice and is bold enough that it really lets the light shine through the G 910 spectrum has 9 G keys 5 of which are on the left-hand side of the keyboard with 4 being above the f1 through f5.

the Orion spectrum comes with a wrist rest to cover the oddly-shaped unremovable wrist rest that was not unlike the one on the Orion spark for me I would have liked it better if it was completely optional the g 9/10 logo is illuminated in the wrist rest which is a nice touch.

there is also an illuminated G logo to the left of the Escape key the keyboard comes with six large rubber pads on the underside of the board which really make it hard to have any slippage around the desk when playing there is also extendable feet should you like to raise the angle of the board the Orion spectrum features a phone dock which fits most sizes of phones so you can use their arcs control app to change different features within the software on the fly it’s a neat feature but the phone can get in the way.

if your monitors aren’t up high it also seems like a cheap way to get around having an LED interface in the keyboard which really you don’t particularly need anyway but it’s a neat idea I would have liked to see a gold plated USB connector as well as a braided cable because really at this price point I would have expected to see a quality cable the keyboard does come with a nice set of media keys with a volume scroll knob there is also a button to toggle the lights on and off however like most keyboards at this price point these buttons usually cycle through a few.

brightness settings but this one do not let’s talk about the switch the Orion spectrum uses the roamer G switch which Logitech claims is 25% faster than the leading competition switch one plus about this switch is because of its design the LEDs are actually inside the switch so that there is ZERO obstruction between the LED and the keycap making the lighting incredibly bright there’s also the bonus of all of

the secondary functions on the keycaps being illuminated this is probably the brightest key illumination I’ve ever seen in a keyboard definitely brighter than any of razor or Corsairs keyboards that said I’m only referring to the key illumination there’s almost zero light in between the keys this could be a plus or a minus depending on your preference this switch is also rated to last up to 70 million keystrokes I’m not sure.

if that means that it’s going to last up to 70 million before it fails so don’t read into claims like these too much but cherry switches are rated at 50 million key presses but the guarantee that the switch will still perform as good or better at 50 million than when it was new something to think about the switch feels very similar to typing on a membrane keyboard there is very little noise when bottoming out.

the key but it feels very squishy much more so than the Cherry MX silent switch which feels like pressing a cherry MX red with an o-ring installed the switch is very smooth and its actuation and this which would be perfect for someone who likes the feel of a membrane keyboard but wants to venture into mechanical keyboards.

for the first time the switch is a linear switch and not tactile here is a sound test of the Romer G switch but the slight click you hear isn’t actually coming from bottoming out the key but as the sound of the keycap popping up after you release it also feels pretty heavy to type on but again going back to membrane keyboards they feel much heavier than the lightness of typing on a keyboard with any Cherry MX which I highly suggest trying out this one in the store since it’s a lot different.

than most switches out there the Logitech Gaming software arcs is probably the worst out of Razer and Corsairs there are mostly the same preset options as any other software but it feels very clunky and with how much Logitech is playing up the illumination factor with the Romer G switch I would think they would have done more with the software to play to that strength it’s not terrible by any means but it’s not on par with Corsairs Q or Razer synapse luckily this can be easily patched in the future.

the Logitech G910 Orien spectrum is a nice keyboard but for a hundred and eighty bucks it falls a bit short lacking in a few simple features there’s no USB pass-through the cables not braided the bodies entirely plastic even though it weights it I’m also not a fan of the unremovable wrist rest the dedicated media keys are fantastic and there are plenty of G keys you can have a variety of macros at your disposal the lights look great in fact they’re the brightest that I’ve seen some will love this switch more than others I much prefer my clicky.

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but if this is your first venture into mechanical keys or you like membrane keyboards you may love it overall this keyboard has a lot going for it but the price is a bit steep for its shortcomings if you need the macro keys I would also recommend looking into the coarser k95 or the Razer BlackWidow chroma if you like the Romer G switch I would recommend the G 810 the g 9 Tanner on the spectrum is a good keyboard

absolutely for the list price of one $79.99 I don’t know I purchased mine on sale at one $59.99 which is a fair price if you like everything this keyboard has to offer to see if you can get it on sale or wait for the price to drop to a more comparable price to its competitors.

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