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Logitech G700s Software Windows 10 – Logitech G700s is going through a bit of rebranding and reintroduction with their gaming peripherals literally putting the science behind these upgrades so we’re taking a look at the new Logitech G700s a gaming wireless mouse that there’s not only loaded with features but also has an excellent ergonomics design for your hands now released at $99.

this is slightly more expensive than its predecessor given we have a faster sensor and a new coating on the body but still is very competitive compared to other high-end wireless mice so right off the bat the G700s houses an 8200 dpi sensor which for regular use is an overkill

but for multiple high-resolution displays it might come in handy we tested sensor tracking on many different surfaces and we are pleased to report we have smooth tracking without any hiccups now this is a wireless mouse powered with a single double-a battery.

and like with the original it can be connected through a USB port for charging so if you want the G700s can also be a wired mouse now we do get this tiny USB nano receiver which actually can support up to six different wireless Logitech products.

communication between the mouse and your computer is rated at a thousand Hertz so in theory there should be no lag issues and throughout our testing, we’re happy to report the mouse performed pretty flawlessly I compare.

Logitech G700s Specs
  • Connection Type USB/Wireless
  • Indicator Lights (LED) Power and Battery
  • Connect / Power On/Off switch
  • Battery Details Removable, Rechargeable Battery size: AA Battery Qty: 1 Battery type: NiMh
  • Battery Life Recharge time: 3 – 4 hours Discharge time: Up to 10.5 hours
  • Receiver Size Nano receiver
  • USB Protocol USB 2.0
  • Indicator Lights (LED) Yes
  • Sensor Laser (no visible light)
  • DPI (Min/Max) Software adjustable Min: 200 Max: 8200
  • Scroll Wheel Hyper-fast; supports horizontal
  • Onboard Memory 5 hardware memory profiles
  • Buttons Durability 20 million clicks

Logitech G700s with my wired gaming mouse and then notice any difference in response time which is good news for gamers one thing to keep in mind though is the mouse is front heavy with no weight customization which I found a bit too heavy for my liking and $400.00 this is a letdown, however.

when plugged in you don’t need the battery installed so removing that for a slightly lighter feel is an option but the ergonomics are top-notch for a comfortable grip the sides are textured which helps to secure a mouse in your hand while the top is coated with this.

the new surface that prevents your palm from sticking to the PI which has a rather plastic feel regardless of how much science went into it and I would have much rather preferred a rubberized surface now the button layout works really.

well here aside from your regular left/right in the scroll wheel we get a range of programmable buttons that can be utilized in any way you want the three buttons on the left side are angled so not to interfere with each other which means you won’t be pressing g9.

Logitech G700s driver software is very intuitive as well and you can fine-tune every single button for any game or use recording macros as an option plus having to game-specific profiles to configure your mouse exactly how you want to the new Logitech G700s is a well-rounded candidate for a gaming mouse.

How to Install Logitech G700s Software

Logitech Gaming Software G700s

logitech gaming software install

Logitech G HU Software G700s

logitech g hub software install


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