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Logitech G15 Software

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Logitech G 15 gaming keyboard it’s going to allow you to fully customize all of the keys you can customize all the information you’ve got an integrated LCD display here.

and this is actually going to allow you to check up on in-game info right here on the screen PC performance information right there on that screen even like playlist information.

so if you’ve got like a Winamp or a media center playlist going this will actually show you info on tracks that you’re listening to right now and of course all of it fully customizable which makes it obviously very very cool now the g15 has got a really great layout it is, of course, a full-size keyboard.

and again everything fully customizable from the function keys along the top to the G keys along the side you can assign any sort of macros that you want to these keys also are illuminated so if you’re in a dark room you’re still gonna have no trouble identifying what key is what on the Logitech G 15 now as we move around it you see the layout is basically like you would expect from any standard keyboards you’re not gonna have any trouble at all.

finding where it is that you want to go now along with the top check this out now right up here on the top is where you’re gonna find that very very cool screen it’s gonna allow you to get all that info at a glance at all times and then, of course, you have your media controls located right over here.

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some programmable buttons located right here and then of course on the back you’re going to find a pair of the USB ports so you’re going to be able to plug in your other USB peripherals directly to the keyboard itself also on the keyboard it will switch right here which is very very important.

this is actually going to allow you to disable the start menu button or the Start Menu key on your keyboard and that of course is huge because how often does anybody hit that button and mistakenly pull up the Start menu so make sure that never happens again fantastic accessory for any gamer out there.

it’s really really going to enhance your ability to play games from the macros to the in-game info that’s right there on the screen is going to give you the edge that you’re looking for it’s the Logitech G 15 to get more info on the Logitech G 15 gaming keyboard do a search on TigerDirect comm for L to three seven three one zero you.

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