Logitech G PRO Wireless Software

Logitech G PRO Wireless Software

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Hi, friends welcome in so today I’ll be talking about a mouse that’s been around for a couple of years now and that is the Logitech g pro wireless so I’ve had my eyes on this mouse forever since I came out but I could never justify buying it especially at the 150 price point simply.

because I just didn’t need the upgrade and also at the time when this mouse came out I had just bought myself a new mouse which was the SteelSeries sensei 310 and I’ve had this mouse for like two to three years now and it’s been my main driver ever since.

I love this mouse and going forward every mouse that I do a review on pretty much I’ll be using the sensei 310 as the reference because I like this mouse so much now a ton of people have already reviewed this mouse I mean it’s been out for a couple of years.

so I’m not going to be fully in-depth covering this mouse I mean it would just be pointless and redundant content on the internet more importantly though what I will talk about in this video is why I decided to take or pick up this mouse now in 2020 and make the switch from my steel series mouse.

and also there has been rumors and kind of sort of leak on a new Logitech mouse I’m not going to talk too much about it because I don’t have enough information about it but when that mouse does get released I’m going to try to get my hands on it and review that but for me to do a proper review of this new Logitech mouse I want to be able to get my hands-on experience first with this one because the g pro wireless is such a popular wireless mouse.

and I’m sure that my intuition tells me that when that new Logitech mouse comes out they’re gonna ask oh how does it compare with this one so I must pick this one up first okay let’s jump in all right out of the box you do get the mouse itself the USB receiver so you can connect it via their lightspeed wireless an extension adapter for the receiver the 1.8-meter rubber charging cable that uses micro USB which of course was a complaint on why.

Logitech didn’t go with USB c on this premium mouse you also get the interchangeable and detachable side buttons or button covers for the good side buttons on the mouse which you will or won’t use here’s a list of the specs and I’m going to talk about.

some of the numbers here that affect my user experience more noticeably I will also give my personal thoughts on why I chose this wireless mouse over the other very popular option which is the razer viper ultimate actually I’m just going to talk about that right now I mean it’s plain and simple.

I just don’t like razer software and I don’t like their branding that’s it okay not to say that the viper ultimate is a bad mouse my best friend has the razer viper ultimate and I’ve already tried it out I just like the g pro a little bit better.

that’s it and I think Logitech software is better too so first off the matte black shell Logitech always keeps it super neutral and clean with their black and blue color theme as well as just the physical aesthetics of the products that are also no surprise because Logitech, of course, is a big manufacturer in the professional office workspace setting aside from the gaming brand department.

the g pro weighs in at about 80 grams which are really light and you can certainly feel the hollowness of the mouse with its plastic shell the mouse overall is a bit small for me as I do prefer bigger palm support but this is probably something I can train me to get used to but we’ll see there’s up to eight programmable buttons on this mouse including the dpi toggle that’s located underneath.

the mouse the scroll wheel is also buttery smooth and quieter than my steel series mouse that which I really like here’s a quick sound test foreign underneath there’s an on-off switch for the mouse and the compartment that allows you to store the USB receiver whenever you’re not using it you can take the mouse to go as such or using the mouse while the USB charging cable is plugged in.

the g-pro is also compatible with the power play charging mouse pad that’s optional if you want to get that wireless charging I personally didn’t get it because I prefer to save my money and I’m perfectly fine with charging the old-fashioned way now one thing I will say right off

the bat after my first couple of days of use is that no other mouse really compares to the grip of what steel series has done with their silicone side grips a pure plastic mouse body all around like the g pro will never compare with something like the sensei 310s grip in my opinion now, of course, that’s just one aspect and that is not.

the overall deciding factor of how good a mouse is and that may just be my personal preference and some people don’t care but I can tell you silicone rubber grips on a mouse is something I can truly appreciate not only does the rubber give better grip but it will also protect parts of your mouse from micro-abrasions and the oil from your hand rubbing off of the coating an extra accessory that I bought to address that slippery grip on.

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on top of that Logitech has given us the option to easily modify and switch out the side buttons on the sides you don’t use depending on whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed user that’s definitely a nice thing to see and that design idea.

certainly reflects as a part of that premium 150 dollar price point smoothness on gliding the stock PTFE feed is pretty good I’ve tried it both on a regular fabric cloth mouse pad as well as my wool mouse pad one thing I will talk about in terms of the PTFE feed or Teflon feed used on.

mice some people like to change it out if it’s not smooth enough and you can certainly do that I personally don’t like it when it’s too smooth and prefer a small bit of resistance because when it’s too smooth sometimes I overshoot my target when gliding my mouse and cursor it’s honestly just a minor muscle memory thing for me there’s no right or wrong to this is just what you’re used to and you can certainly adapt over time to the smoothness of how your mouse collides as.

well so as for the stock feed on this mouse I didn’t do anything to it I kept it the way it is now lighting there’s only one lighting zone which is the logo here which can be customized through Logitech’s g-hub software on a full charge the mouse has lasted me more than a whole 24 hour day easily with juice leftover and the led lights on at full static brightness without the lights on.

I’m definitely getting over 50 hours side note it’s also my personal habit to charge all and any wireless devices I have in my house overnight when I sleep so having this mouse die on me during use is never going to be a problem from a battery life standpoint and of course, I didn’t charge it overnight during the battery life test so I can get the actual numbers of how long it would last the hero sensor on Logitech’s mice is great.

very accurate with its one millisecond response time as that is the standard or any mice in general since technology has advanced so much the max 16000 dpi I really don’t care about this number because I will never go anywhere near that high of sensitivity I personally only use two dpi settings on.

any and every single mouse I’ve ever used and owned in my entire life and that’s 1000 dpi for gaming and 1200 dpi for productivity workflow I do use a slightly higher dpi for work because I have to scroll my cursor across two monitors whereas gaming I just stick to one monitor but the 16000 dpi.

I mean I don’t know anybody who uses that or anywhere near that it’s there if you want its final thoughts on the g pro wireless mouse I like it but I don’t love it okay and I think that the sensei 310 still fits my hand better.

it’s because it’s got a bigger butt it’s got that nice handful to give me that full palm support that I need and this mouse doesn’t but I’ve only had this mouse for a week and I’m going to give it some more time to get used to and see if I can adapt to it a smaller mouse and I’m still making the switch because I think all of the other features that it has the software everything it is great and I’m trying to transform my workflow my desktop to be as wireless as possible where it makes sense to.

Getting Started – Manual

and as gaming as well so um yeah I’m still making the switch at this point I am just waiting for the steel series if you guys are watching this video if you come out with the wireless sensei let me know I’m not a fan of the heavy that heavy wireless rival 650 mice.

that you guys have not a fan okay so uh yeah that’s it for this video guys let me know down below comment what your top picks are for your wireless gaming mice.

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