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Logitech G Pro Software

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Logitech G Pro gaming mouse they designed this mouse after listening to a lot of community feedback so I’m expecting it to be a top choice so let’s see how it holds up in-game and in the testing a quick reminder though there’s no such thing as a perfect Mouse.

and everyone is different this will suit a lot of people but not everyone and also I’m doing this review on the day that I got it because I’ve been asked about it constantly since it was announced I’ll do my best to get everything right though first, the box is nice and simple easy to open.

and I love how Logitech wrap the cable runs like this instead of folding it the cable is a smooth road but it’s also very thick thankfully it still fits into my mouse Bungie no hassle and it’s about two meters long which I think is about 6 foot 6 when choosing a mouse you need to look at the four main points shape center weight and buttons this is an ambidextrous design but with buttons on the left it has a top optical sensor with the 3366 only weighs about 85 grams.

with a bit of cable and the left and right buttons use on run switches so the clicks are light and gray from Oberon FPS everything about this Mouse sounds right but will it suit you a lot of that is going to depend on the shape the slope in the buttons is gradual and the hump is just a bit toward the back making this suitable for fingertip and claw grip.

and palm grip, if your hand isn’t too big depending on how you place your fingers the grip width, is about 5.5 centimeters and the base length is about 10 so it’s roughly just under a two-to-one ratio which is decent and it’s a low Mouse at about 3.5 centimeters high now hopefully you’ve measured your hand size from the basic tip of the middle finger.

and also width with your thumb against your palm my hand is about 18 centimeters long and 9 centimeters wide so the measurements I give next will be estimates there a guide, not an exact chart gave the size I’d say this could suit palm grip for people with hands under 17 centimeters claw grip maybe 15 to 19.

fingertip most likely 17 to 20 it’s a safe shape with no unnecessary angles so there’s plenty of room to place your fingers it’s really up to you and how you hold the mouse one thing I will note on the shape though the sides are not flat they’re actually a bit rounded vertically I prefer the sides of.

the g20 to in terms of flatness you can see here that they have just a bit of curve going outward toward the top while the G 100’s empire has similar sides that they’re kind of rounded in the center I find that the g20 to design allows my thumb and fingers to sit better more naturally so for me this is in the perfect shape if they made the sides flat like on the g3 0-2 then it would be better the main problem with.

and they’re separate from the shell they’re louder than expected though but from what people tell me there might be good for jitter clicking is a listen to each with the two main buttons compared with the g3 0t from what I can hear they’re louder but they also feel a bit harder to press in with better tactile feedback so that should prevent the accidental clicks like on.

the g20 to the scroll will is improved being a bit smoother and no putting so much emphasis on the steps but the steps are still there but definitely not the quietest the side buttons feel good with very little trouble and the DPI button is that of the way and easy to person as for quick latency neither test is exact but when comparing it to.

Logitech G900 they appear to be about the same overall a good performance from the buttons and they should be usable in all game types now let’s talk about the implementation of a 3366 sensor starting with some rocker jobs just to make sure it feels right this is arguably the top optical at.

the moment with just the three 989 feelings more responsive other than that everything is most likely better on the 3366 and of course it can handle rocker jumps and I can’t make it spin out either as for any delay I have no real way of testing it but it feels good to me and in the test where you hold the mouse on its side and then slam it flat down if 3366 is the only sensor that seems to be able to cope so it doesn’t spin out whereas all the others.

Getting Started – Manual

Setup Guide (PDF) – Download PDF

I’ve tested do spin out in the sniper test zooming right in moving pixel-by-pixel up first and this is as smooth as you’d expect and I tested it at 400 800 1600 and 3200 dpi it’s hard to get an exact measurement on acceleration and it’s meant to be impossible to have known but this seems close to perfect it hasn’t caused me in the issues in-a game the liftoff distance is about one DVD on cloth and the hard part which is very low and in line test again tested on the clock and hard pad at 1600 dpi windows sensitivity 6 out of 11.

I see no extra kinks skipping no angle snapping and no jitter problems the liftoff movement was well controlled and no rattle issues, as usual, the 3366 performs extremely well for low and high sensitivity players just quickly subscribing helps me grow the channel as it gets the attention of big companies like Logitech and that means I can do more reviews like these so if you hit that button for me it’s greatly appreciated for build quality when tapping it there’s a slight buzz and when shaking it.

a very quiet rattle which I think is close by the cable the material should be durable as the sides are textured plastic with the top being a similar better bit smoother and the four small Mouse feet glide smoothly over hard and soft pads it uses Logitech gaming software we can set five DPI modes from 200 all the way to 12,000 in steps of 50 you can reassign the buttons with mouse functions including media keystrokes or set up macros in lighting you can turn the lights off or set it to breathing effect and assign a color.

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if you set the effect off you can just have it as a solid color and of course color cycling with the right then there’s surface training for your mouse pads some analysis options and in the settings, there’s just angle snapping so by now you should have a good idea whether this mouse is for you or not but I’ll give you my personal take on it anyway I found that I can aim better with smaller mice the reason for this.

might be like a painter who can paint more precise art with smaller brushes but then if they go too small they won’t have anything to grip this mouse is a great size for small to medium hands and maybe even some large combine that with the amazing sensor.

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great buttons materials and other features and of course this is a top recommendation that said if I talk about the three main aim Styles being projectile rapid-fire and sniper while I can easily a Mini Mouse with projectiles I don’t feel as solid with this with rapid-fire and sniper of course as you can see by the highlights I’m still doing better than most mice I’m just giving a reason why this isn’t going to be a top personal choice but as I said, in the beginning, everyone is different I’m actually a big fan of the g3 zero three and three zero two well many actually hate the shape for recommendations though this one.


is much safer and a better option it’s a great Mouse just not quite my style but if you’re a fan of the G100’s.

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