Logitech Connection Utility

Logitech Connection Utility 2.30.9 for Windows 10/Vista/7/8 x86/x64, please select among the links from the list below- This utility features a wizard-like user interface, that makes it feasible for numerous users to take advantage of its capacities quickly as well as without significant initiatives.

Although it lacks a conventional help guidebook, the wizard gives you on-screen textual and visual guidelines that assist you to recognize its features successfully.

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You do not have to install individual cordless connections for the input or result features. All you require is a connection utility that serves as a universal application to make sure that you are able to gain access to all the solutions with ease. This is a tool that is available in useful for all types of wireless links.

It is a device that manages all the connections with minimal effort, Your job is to run the web link that contains the application and also it will instantly introduce itself on the desktop computer. At this moment, you will after that use the wizard-like structure to run the application as well as obviously, you will certainly get the device.

To reconnect your mouse to its receiver:

  1. Click the Download link and save it to your preferred location.
  2. Launch the Logitech Connection Utility.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your mouse.

How to pair a new Logitech receiver with a device

Note: especially for mobile devices in the form of mice (mice)

1. Download the Logitech SetPoint application (recommendations for choosing the Full Installer 32 / 64bit according to the OS)

2. Install the Logitech SetPoint application.

3. After install, enter into the following directory C: \ Program Files \ Logitech \ SetPoint.

4. Double click the ConnectUtility.exe application.

5. The application display is as follows, enter the Advanced menu, then Pair a New Device.

logitech receiver wireless mouse setup

6. Follow the instructions, test the mouse whether it can be moved, done.

ConnectUtility setup

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