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Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam Review and Specs

Logitech C920 HD webcam so what makes this webcam unique is it has a stereo microphone it likewise includes full HD so that’s 1080p it likewise has autofocus so it can do deal with tracking points like that all that for just about $50 on Amazon.com.

Logitech C920 HD 

and then you can change the angle of the webcam it only goes up and down surface right here is entirely rubber to make sure that’s most likely to add some hold along with right here on the bottom which will certainly include some hold to the back of the screen it appears as you can even angle up the rubber grip on the back of it to make it fit different forms and also areas like that’s pretty great an additional way you can place it resembles there’s a criterion.

tripod mount under of this so you can put this on the top of a tripod may be a little tiny tripod that’s flexible you could hang it somewhere and videotape someplace like that’s rather cool really like that they added that option I currently have Air Conditioning 270 which is a 720p webcam and also it does not have that alternative so I’m actually delighted concerning having this capability to film just about anywhere with this gadget as.

anything like that you won’t have any type of problem with that said’s very compatible so currently they’re taking a better look at the Logitech c920 to let’s go ahead and also get it plugged into my computer system we’ll get it to establish and then I’ll do a contrast video in between this the C270 and then add the webcam that featured my computer so you can just see the difference in top quality so per the Quick Begin Overview it states to first place this to your computer or tripods anything like.

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that I’ll show you just how I install it to a Chromebook however I’ll be mounting it on my laptop computer completely and then to simply connect it right into your computer system go to this URL right here it’ll have that in the software application to download and install to get this to deal with your computer system so today I’ll reveal you how this places utilizing my Chromebook as an instance so you want this lip right here that gets on the webcam to go over the laptop computer that faces you.

and after that, you press the mounting brace right here towards the laptop computer, and also it’ll keep in the area afterward you can angle the webcam up and down for your wanted recording location then you just plug this cable into your computer and also you’re excellent to go however as you can see the bracket can fit a large display as I was claiming earlier with no concern currently we simply need to get it connected into my computer system.


Video Capture360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p – 30fps
Sensor Resolution2MP
Focus TypeAuto
Lens MaterialGlass
Dimensions (W x H x D)1.1 x 3.7 x 0.9″ / 29.0 x 94.0 x 23.9 mm
Attachment MethodClip, Tripod

after that go to this internet site right here okay so I have the Logitech c920 connected to my computer system and I have actually gone to the web site that was supplied in the QuickStart overview all you require to do as soon as you obtain here is simply scroll down until you see downloads we’ll click that after that simply drop till you see the drop-down right here make sure you select the OS you have I have Windows 10.

but it’ll detect if you’re on a Mac or Windows computer system and then give you choices from there so I’m posting likely to select Windows 10 and then I’ll most likely to download down after that simply pick save and it will certainly start downloading your computer system once it’s done downloading and install open it up and afterward we can begin the installation process currently to install we just require to accept the terms.

and problems from Logitech and we’ll be starting stalling it to your computer system and afterward what you don’t simply go on as well as a select coating so since Logitech c920 has been mounted on your computer the chauffeurs have actually been installed so you can utilize it with any kind of application you wish to the next step is going to be to head to the Start menu locate Logitech and after that proceed and also open up the video camera setups as soon as you open the Logitech webcam settings the webcam will turn on and also you’ll in fact see the video from the webcam from here we can have fun with the webcam.

zoom in zoom out and afterward type or frying pan if we want to anything like that’s pretty insane after that we can most likely to breakthrough and do a few other modifications if we want to do that so you can transform points such as the illumination and shade strength the majority of these can be simply left default though you should not have an issue there okay so just as a fast contrast I intended to reveal you three various webcams including the c920 which I have in the left side on top and afterward.

The C270 which is a twenty-dollar webcam I have actually been using it for about the last two years for every one of my guide video clips as well as I truly enjoyed it but I wanted that Complete HD capacity near the bottom just for a contrast I have the built-in video camera that featured my laptop computer the angle is a little strange on that yet I simply wanted to provide you a concept of the top quality ideally with the colors in my hat you can sort of seeing the different shades they come through with these different webcams as you can see when I move a little that this c920 does a wonderful job of in fact picking that up there’s no obscuring or anything from the movement the C 270 has a lot of problem with that said.

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so the autofocus on the c920 works very well if I put my hand up here you can type of seeing they did go swiftly autofocus were with the 270 it does not do that in any way there is no autofocus so as I bring it back the video camera will certainly try to figure it out and it’ll obtain that on emphasis quite fast that’s rather excellent additionally an additional point to keep in mind all the audio you’re presently hearing is originating from the stereo.

a microphone on the Logitech c920 as you can see in the video clip comparisons the video high quality is actually not to distinction it’s not such as the 270 is horribly various yet there are minor differences that will certainly make the top quality of your video a whole lot far better with the 920 however I do feel that it deserves that extra about $30 to get the full HD.

as well as a higher quality video camera an additional point I intend to mention is the actually trendy blue LED lights that get on the c920 extremely awesome looking and also it’s very simple to see hey look my cam is on as well as I’m actually videotaping alright to ensure that was the Logitech c920 in general really amazed with this product for a price of just around 50 to 60 bucks you get the full HD ability together with the stereo microphone and it’s very simple to install to your computer it’s likewise compatible with Mac as well as Windows so no compatibility issues with the two major computer system platforms as you saw in the video comparison the video clip in between this.

The C270 which is a cheaper $20 webcam from Logitech is certainly a whole lot different this webcam the c920 does look a great deal much better with its complete HD capabilities as well as it likewise does wonderful work with activity and also autofocus so as you move your hands or get closer or farther away from the electronic camera it’s gonna autofocus.

to ensure that you’re always in focus and as you saw if anything’s relocating while you’re tape-recording it’s not gonna have trouble with that said one more thing I liked is it’s extremely simple to mount it likewise can fit huge monitors as well as I likewise such as that as the capacity to be installed to a tripod I think that includes a lot of convenience to it one area that I was a bit dissatisfied in was the stereo microphones I believed that the top quality could be a lot much better.

as well as I was a little dissatisfied with the price of $60 contrasted to the microphone on the Logitech C270 truly not a huge difference there as well as apart from that it’s extremely easy to install the offered software application from Logitech to your computer system so that you can go ahead as well as begin utilizing it in nearly 5 to 10 minutes one fast point if you plan on utilizing this webcam for streaming on Twitch.

Logitech C920 Best Buy

Most reviews would group this webcam as the budget option. That is because, at an affordable price, you can get great features and such quality. The Logitech Pro HD Webcam will cost you under $100.

If you know where to go, you could even get it at the lowest price between 40 to 70 bucks. Some stores would also offer a discount on this Logitech product. Some of them come in a bundle with a tripod and privacy cover included.

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